Yoga Class -  Every Monday at 6-7:30pm

(focused on returning to our senses)



1. Instructor:  Maria Winsborough is the founder of Luminous Counseling Center. She is a Certified Movement Analyst by The Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) in New York City and an Authentic Movement Teacher; a Master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor. Maria is in private practice at Luminous Counseling Center. This class is based on the Yoga’s view of Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Bartenieff Fundamentals a core course for Movement Analysis. Mindfulness of Body-Mind is the scaffolding of this curse.


2. Class Principles:


  • Safety and injury prevention while moving
  • Profound Body-Mind awareness
  • Sensory Awakening/Development
  • Breath Work
  • Muscle Stretch/Flexibility 
  • Muscle toning/ Body strengthening
  • Correction of posture/body alignment
  • Development of Mindfulness
  • Deep relaxation
  • Body/Emotions contact/knowledge

3. Class Atmosphere: Gentle but powerful movements; Self pace; Reminding of non-competitiveness among attendants’ performance; Tranquility; Gradual growth of body abilities; Openness to feedback/sharing of experiences


4. Recommendation: Release from your physician about your readiness to physical exercise; Wearing comfortable clothes; Yoga mat; Arriving on time to join-in creating the climate for the body/mind experience and avoiding disturbance to other participants

  • Registration in advance is encouraged because space is limited!

5. Location: Luminous Counseling Center, 1132 West Blanco

            San Antonio, TX, 78232

6. Time: 6.00PM to 7.30PM every Monday


7. Fees: $65.00 per month class; $20.00 drop in


8. More Information:  Contact:  Maria Winsborough       Phone: (210) 544 1711